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Uber $10,000,000 gender and race discrimination class action settlement

Uber $10,000,000 gender and race discrimination class action settlement

In 2018, our legal team achieved an important class action settlement with Uber to resolve the gender and race discrimination claims of several hundred women and people of color who worked as software engineers at Uber.  The settlement provided $10,000,000 in monetary compensation that was paid out in 2019, as well as significant programmatic relief.

That programmatic relief was a key part of the settlement.  Through the settlement, Uber promised to reform its employment practices to prevent discrimination and harassment in the future.  Specifically, Uber agreed:

  • to monitor compensation for adverse impact based upon race and gender at the end of each performance cycle, to protect against discrimination;
  • to ensure that promotions are awarded on objective, merit-based factors;
  • to ensure that software engineer hiring is based on clear, validated standards
  • to provide mentorship and skill development for class members; and
  • to consider work done to advance diversity and inclusion in cash bonus calculations.

As part of the settlement, we are engaged in a three-year monitoring process, whereby we meet with Uber’s in-house leadership and its legal team twice a year in 2019 and 2020 and once at the end of 2021 to discuss its progress in meeting the goals set forth by the settlement.

We believe that this settlement is a great example of how brave individuals can create lasting change in a company, promoting justice to improve their coworkers’ lives for years to come.

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