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We Work for Fair Pay & Equal Opportunity for Women & People of Color in Tech

The problem.  Silicon Valley and other geographic hubs for technological advancement are notorious for ingenuity, boundary-breaking innovation —and discrimination.  And the disparities that result from this discrimination are expanding.  According to a 2020 survey of women regarding treatment in the workplace:

  • 63% reported discrimination in the workplace due to their gender; and
  • 50% reported being underpaid compared to their male counterparts.

According to women in the technology industry, specifically:

  • 84% had been told that they’re too aggressive;
  • 59% reported receiving fewer opportunities than men; and
  • 87% have received demeaning comments from male colleagues.

According to individuals of color in the technology industry:

  • 64% believe that they have experienced discrimination at work;  
  • Only 35% believe that promotions are fair and objective; and
  • Only 42% of women of color believe that they have equal opportunities for advancement.

Despite reported statistical disparities in pay, 77% of working Americans think no gap exists between Black and White women in their own organizations.

One study reports that in 2019 women of color were compensated at rates 23 percent less than White men at the same level. Reports show little to no progress for men and women of color in cracking the glass ceiling over the last decade.

The impact.  This hostile environment translates to women and people of color getting hired less often, paid less, promoted more slowly, and given opportunities less often than they deserve. 

The solution.  At Outten & Golden, we’re committed to stopping discrimination and harassment using powerful laws that hold companies accountable.  Under these laws, when a company pays women and individuals of color less than their peers for doing the same job, or discriminates against women by under-hiring or under-promoting them, that company must pay for that harm. 

The importance of knowing your rights. In furtherance of our commitment, the attorneys of Outten & Golden LLP hosted a free, interactive webinar series to provide information related to employees’ rights to equal treatment in the workplace under New York, California, and federal anti-discrimination laws. For more information on this webinar series, click here or contact us at Fairpayforengineers@outtengolden.com for more information.

Outten & Golden LLP offers this webinar series as part of its continued mission to provide legal resources to women and individuals of color in an effort to empower workers to challenge discrimination in hiring, pay, promotions, retaliation, hostile work environment,  and other employment-related legal concerns.

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