Know Your Rights Webinar – hosted by O&G on June 23 & 25 | Fair Pay for Women & People of Color in Tech

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Know Your Rights Webinar – hosted by O&G on June 23 & 25

Know Your Rights Webinar – hosted by O&G on June 23 & 25

Race and gender discrimination in tech is a huge problem.  Women and individuals of color working in tech continue to face discrimination in treatment, pay, promotion, hiring, and retention.  Countless personal accounts and statistical analyses confirm that people of color and women get less than their fair share of opportunity and compensation than their peers, despite working just as hard (or harder) and having the same (or higher) skills.  

We can help.  Our law firm – Outten & Golden LLP – is committed to representing women and people of color to challenge discrimination, harassment, and other unfair treatment in individual negotiations, litigation, and class actions.  Learn more about our commitment to social justice and our past successes at

“Know Your Rights” Webinar about the powerful protections that federal, California, and New York law provide for employees. 

Tuesday, June 23, at 12:00 PM PT (with a focus on California law) presented by Menaka Fernando and Iris Mattes
Thursday, June 25, at 12:00 PM ET (with a focus on New York law) presented by Cara Greene and Maya Jumper

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Thank you for your attention, and if you have questions before or after the webinars, please contact Jahan Sagafi, Menaka Fernando, Iris Mattes and Rachel Dempsey (in California) or Cara Greene and Maya Jumper (in New York).

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