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Uber to Pay $10 Million to Settle Harassment, Pay Discrimination Suit

Aug 22, 2018 / Media Coverage / Fortune — Glenn Fleishman

What does it cost a company to allegedly discriminate against engineers on the basis of race, ethnicity, and gender? About $11,000 for each of 500 plaintiffs (over $5 million total) who are members of a 2017 class-action suit against Uber alleging pay discrimination and harassment against women and people of color.

The details of the settlement were filed in court Tuesday, according to Bloomberg News.

Of that larger group, 56 specifically filed claims alleging sexual harassment or a hostile work environment, and will receive part of a separate $1.9 million payout, an average of $34,000 each. Complainants, some of whom continue to work at Uber, will receive different amounts based on factors like duration and severity of their alleged abuse. The remainder of the settlement, roughly $3 million, covers the costs of bringing the suit.

A judge will hold a hearing in November to decide on final approval.

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